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At Michael Kawi Law, we provide the following legal services.

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal criminal charges are among the most serious and complicated charges in the court system.  If you are charged with a federal crime, you need an experienced attorney fighting for you.  Michael Kawi spent 6 years as an Assistant Federal Public Defender, handling only federal criminal cases.  Throughout his career, Mr. Kawi has handled over 100 federal criminal cases, and he has proven his expertise in this area by securing multiple acquittals in federal court.

State Criminal Defense

Criminal charges in state court require prompt, thorough investigation and analysis by an experienced attorney.  Michael Kawi has handled hundreds of cases in state courts.  He has the experience and skill to reach the best result possible for your case, whether that be by securing a dismissal, reaching a resolution with the government, or conducting a jury trial.

Domestic Violence Defense

Without the right attorney, criminal charges stemming from domestic situations can have devastating consequences for your family, your reputation, and your freedom.  These cases involve different issues than other types of criminal charges, and they require a lawyer with the specific skill and experience to be able to reach the best result or win at trial.

Michael Kawi has extensive experience handling domestic violence charges over the course of his career, from misdemeanor assault and battery to felony charges that involved serious injury.  He knows how to cut through false accusations and bring the truth out into the open, so that you can move forward with your life and reputation intact.

Cases Spanning Multiple States

What if you get arrested in one state but live in another, or you are accused of facts that span multiple states?

When this happens it can be difficult to find an attorney with the necessary licenses and experience to be able to handle your case properly.  For state courts, lawyers must go through a process to become licensed in each state individually, which can be expensive and time-consuming.  For that reason many lawyers are only admitted to practice in the state where they reside.

Being licensed in more than one jurisdiction has many advantages, including giving your lawyer more access to legal networks for strategies and resources to help you win your case.

Michael Kawi is licensed in Wisconsin, Texas, Florida, and the District of Columbia, and can handle criminal charges in any of these jurisdictions.  This is in addition to numerous federal jurisdictions, which have a separate licensing process.  If your case is connected to any one, or more than one, of these states, contact us today for a free consultation.

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About Michael Kawi Law

Michael Kawi has dedicated his entire career representing individuals charged with crimes. Since 2012, he has been successfully defending individuals against criminal charges in state and federal court all across the country.  Michael Kawi knows that criminal charges are life-changing events, and that you need a powerful ally in your corner, fighting for your rights and your freedom.

Mr. Kawi is known as a skilled and successful trial attorney, who knows how to get results.  He has been able to secure victories for his clients in cases ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies that would have carried sentences of life in prison. 

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