Not Guilty on gun charges in first federal criminal trial after COVID

Our client was innocently driving when a police officer, without cause, tailed him for miles before stopping his vehicle. A firearm belonging to our client’s girlfriend was discovered, but the officer ignored explanations of its lawful ownership. Frustrated, our client exclaimed, “Get the paperwork right so you don’t steal my gun!” – a statement misconstrued as an admission of illegal possession. Facing potential imprisonment, our legal team uncovered witnesses confirming our client had switched cars with his girlfriend due to a tire issue, explaining the gun’s presence. Additionally, this was the first federal jury trial after COVID-19, requiring navigation of stringent safety protocols hindering our ability to connect with the jury. Despite obstacles posed by distancing, delays, and protective equipment, we persevered. Through compelling evidence and argument, we overcame the prosecution’s case and pandemic hurdles, securing an acquittal. Instead of incarceration, our client married his girlfriend.

Charges: 18 U.S.C. 922(g) Felon in Possession of a Firearm

Time Faced: 10 years federal prison

Result: Not Guilty

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